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Brand name creation and slogans / tag-lines devising

Who will create a new name for your company or come-up with a "catchy" slogan?

Our brand-naming team is consistent out of three copywriters / brand managers with total of 30+ years of experience in creating all kinds of marketing copy - from "pizza" leaflets to the challenging TV commercials synopsis.

We are aware that you do not know us so you could not simply trust us on a "word-basis" - but you could surely congratulate yourself because you have (finally) "stumbled" upon people who will do the job to your complete satisfaction!

Creating brand-names is not something copywriters do often, but it seems we were lucky enough that naming products and companies has not bypassed us during our workdays in various marketing agencies nor today in our current "freelancing" carriers.

We are so proud that the largest shopping center in Eastern Europe carries the name we came-up with; besides that, we have also played a "midwifes" role in the "birth" of the names for Croatian and international companies, games, software and various products...

Creating an appropriate market-name or slogan (motto) is a very demanding task - especially nowadays when thousands of new brands and domain-names are being registered weekly - and this is the main reason why our price-range is relatively high...

However, we are confident that our service is among the best and most affordable in the "industry".
By engaging us to work on your brand-naming or slogan creating project, you can always expect to get the best possible result for your money!

There is just one way for us to prove this ambitious claim:
grant us the challenging task of creating a brand-name, slogan or tag-line for you!

So, if you are in the process of naming your newly formed company, product or service; and you are having a "burning desire" to start conquering the World ASAP - please "take a peek" into our brand-naming packages below.

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