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Illustration design, character and mascot creation & development

If you need an accurate offer for illustration or mascot creation, here's what we need to know:
» For what purpose the illustration/mascot will be used? (i.e.: it will serve as a mascot for a car-wash service)

» What exactly you want for us to illustrate?

» Describe in details what kind of illustration / mascot you want (send us a link or picture which is the closest to the most desirable "look & feel")

» What colors /color schemes are suitable for your illustration/mascot?

» You will mostly use your illustration / mascot in which media? (web+print, just for print, for the store's front, for brochure cover etc.)

» Does this illustration/mascot needs to be scalable - so it has no loss in print-quality by changing its size? ( "vector illustration")

» Which elements you DO NOT want to see in your illustration (i.e.: I don't want that my car-wash mascot holds a bucket nor a mop)

Please describe all important details of your mascot or illustration so you could receive our precise offer!

Interested to see what illustrations we have done so far?
Please send us your inquiry so we could present you our portfolio - thank you!