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LogoZaVan! cheap logo design adjusted for any budget! Affordable brand name creation and legal availibility check
Creating the visual identity tailored
to fit your budget 100%!
Logo design for a start-up company • Cheap corporate identity • Affordable logo design for lawyers • Logo design for a one-man company • Logo design for hotel • Logo design for hostel
Professional logo design for concerts • Low cost corporate identity • Logo design for boats • Logo design for yacht • Logo design for a real-estate • Logo design for medical services
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Get yourself an affordable custom made logo in 3 easy steps!

1. KORAK - odaberite karakteristike vašeg logaSelect the desired logo elements

The logo is intended for:
  • JUST LETTERING (typographic)
  • MONOGRAM (word mark)
  • Typographic logo
  • Monogram
  • NAME + ICON (name + pictogram)
  • NAME + ICON (name + pictogram)
What is the deadline for the logo-creation?
Do you want to receive the final files on a disc by a regular mail?CLICK for more information!

STEP 2 - Our offer for selected elementsCheck if the price below fits:

Our logo-design price for selected elements is:
SPECIAL OFFER - valid until 01.31.2019.

» 5% discount on flyer or banner graphic design on every logo-order;

» 10% discount on name+icon type logo;

» 20% discount on business card design for every order that exceeds $200!

3. KORAK - Ispunite i pošaljite nam vaše podatkeIf the above price fits - just fill out the form below and order your logo!

I hereby confirm the unconditional acceptance of the Conditions listed above!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I describe the desired elements of my logo?
Upon receiving your order - we will send you our Questionnaire in which you will be able to describe in details what kind of logo you want, what color combinations are preferable, what general logo-shape you prefer (horizontal, vertical, circular ...), the font-faces, which elements you want or don't want to see in your logo ... and all the other details that could help us in creating the logo which will fully satisfy your need and taste.

But please have in mind the actual logo type and other elements you have chosen in your order.
If your logo-description differs from the actual type of logo that you have ordered - we will have to adjust the generated price accordingly.
Why would I hire you to create my logo and/or illustration?
Good question!

There's a huge number of logo-designing companies and individuals online... and you can find some truly outstanding bargain prices - almost suspiciously low...

Such low-cost services are interesting to an entrepreneur, who is very "sensitive" to every euro or dollar that leaves her or his wallet ... and this is absolutely understandable..., but be aware of copycats and tons of non-original logos out there!

Maybe some designer from Pakistan or India find it profitable to create original logos for $15 to $30 price-range, but we belong to European cultural, geographic and business circle - where all of the services have the appropriate price.

Despite the challenging logo-design process and sometimes even more demanding revision, we believe that our logos are still highly affordable. It's a rare thing to find an identity design service where the prices are automatically adjusted according to the customer's profile and demands.

Although our prices are not among the cheapest online, LogoZaVan! could easily become your trusted business partner because of the following features:

> European taste and style in visual identity design and illustrations;

> Guaranteed uniqueness of all our designs (we are issuing a Transfer of Rights statement with every logo-design or illustration that leaves our studio);

> Reclamations reliability and prompt execution of every legitimate client's request;

> Helping our clients with office material design and other promotional materials (brochures, leaflets, ads...) - with a substantial discount;

> Behind all our work stands our real name - not some Internet "alias" which exists today and it's gone tomorrow...
I want to order an illustration (a drawing) - I do not want a logo! How can I do that?
Please check-out these simple instructions on: making an illustrations
Who owns all the usage rights of the logo / illustration?
Upon receiving the full payment, you (or your company) becomes the absolute owner of the logo/ Illustration with all the legal usage rights.

You will receive a statement (in an invoice) which explicitly claim your ownership alongside the final logo files. During the logo/illustration creation process - as long as the project is not paid in full - we are retaining the full ownership of the logo/illustration and all the rights to its usage.
How and in what graphic formats I will receive the final logo or illustration files?
The final logo/illustration files will be sent on your e-mail or on your physical address (if you choose so in the order).

We'll send the final files in three (3) graphical formats:
.png (in screen resolution, 72 dpi), vector formats: .eps (High Res, 300 dpi) and Illustrator's .ai (High Res, 300 dpi).

So, you will receive a total of three (3) files of each solution.
As needed, we or any other print / web studio can easily reformat those files to any other suitable graphical format (.jpg, .pdf, .psd...).

All our vector logos and illustrations are made in CMYK colors system (which is a printing standard). 
Do you design 'business cards' and stationery (compliment cards, letterheads...)?
Yes, we design business cards and stationeries.

If you order a logo or illustration design from us - you will automatically earn a considerable discount for the stationery and other related design project!
What if I do not like the proposed logos / illustration?
We always strive to design a maximum-quality logo / illustration which closely follows your guidelines, wishes and professional standards.

We are very pleased when you know exactly what you want - because the process of designing a logo/illustration is much easier then. It is known to happen (albeit extremely rare) that our solutions were not "in sync" with the client's vision or taste.

So, if you really do not like any of our logo / illustration proposals - you can do the following:

a.) you can terminate our engagement before we start with our second revision - the down payment part would serve as our past-engagement payment, and you are free to look for another service provider;

b.) you can use the complete revision process for combining the offered solutions - so we could come-up with the solution which you will find suitable.

IMPORTANT: The revision process cannot be used for demanding the creation of an entirely new solution(s); it can only be used for combining already offered solutions, aiming at the finalization of the logo/illustration design-project.
I want to create a brand (the whole 'package'- not just a logo) - do you work on such projects?
Yes, we are qualified in participating in any complete branding project (visual identity design, brand name creation, slogan or USP creation, tag-line creation, graphical standards manual...)

If you - besides a logo design - need a brand-name too - please check if our brand naming 'packages' fit your budget or contact us with the detailed description of your project, so we could give you the best possible offer.

Do you have the necessary knowledge and experience to give me the best possible brand-name?
The short answer would be: Yes, we certainly have!

The long one would go like this:
The members of our creative team have played the leading role in many brand-naming projects for their respective marketing or advertising agencies.

Many brand-naming tasks have been successfully completed by our copywriters and brand-managers - with a great feedbacks from the clients.

We have named (so far): one shopping center, dozens of companies, a couple of PC & Pocket PC software, some products and one game.

Our biggest success (so far), has been the naming of the biggest shopping center in the Eastern Europe: The West Gate shopping center.
I have chosen the "kick-start" brand-name package and now what?
Our offer will soon be in your inbox and upon settlement of the down payment part, you will receive our Questionnaire which will substantially "cover" all the details required for creating high-quality name for your service, company, product...

Upon receiving your feedback - we will start creating names which will be in full compliance with your guidelines and professional standards.
What if I do not like any of the names you've created - would I still have to pay the full amount of the "package"?
Since you initially took the risk and ordered the brand-name creation paying the down payment part - we are also taking the risk to receive only 50% of the total amount if you don't find any of the proposed names to be convenient.

We believe that this is a fair way of doing business: we can not get paid 100% if you are not 100% satisfied.

I ordered a 'typographic logo' (a text-only logo) - does the logo price includes the creation of a customized font?
Creating a custom made font or buying some specific font is not included in the generated price.

If you want a unique / special shaped lettering, we will be happy to purchase or create the one for you - but this will substantially increase the initial generated price for a typographic logo project.
I need a high-resoultion vector version of my old raster logo - do you have a 'vectorization' service?
If you have your old logo in a raster graphic format (.jpg, .gif, .png...) but you now need it in a high-resolution “vector” format - you came to the right place!

We will draw your logo from the scratch – trying to look as close as possible to the original.

If we could not find the exact font(s) used – we will find the most similar one(s); or, if you wish so – we will use a brand new one.

Our “logo-vectorization” price is fair and affordable – so you will not need to “break a bank”!

If your current raster logo is highly complex (i.e. logo with illustration) – you will get a significant discount for an illustration job.

Contact us today!
I just want to refresh (update) my existing logo - how can I order that?
Contact us on: with all the necessary informations - do not forget to send us your current logo (preferably .ai or .eps vector format).

Of course, logo "refreshment" will cost less than creating the brand new logo from the scratch - but only if your refreshment guidelines are precise and not overly complex.

If, however, the new solution differs in many aspects from your existing logo and your guidelines were not clear nor precise - the logo "refreshment " will be treated as any other new logo design project.
How we are going to communicate during the design process - do you have a contact phone?
This is an online service - so we will be in contact via regular e-mail or Skype (instant messaging).

We have used phone contacts during the design process before, but it came out to be a poor communication channel.

Here are the reasons why we prefer contacting you via e-mail:

- 'Written track record' is extremely important for avoiding any misunderstandings and it's crucial for defining your requirements precisely;

- During the design process, we have often received 'contradictory' guidelines over the phone from various persons involved - so we couldn't know who is the real "decision-maker" that we should listen;

- The phone calls were often used as a "convenient" way to "skip" the revision process, so we have frequently received more revision "requests" than it has been defined in the order;

Therefore, you can contact us via e-mail and/or Skype.

In the process of logo development, we will reply to your queries promptly, but because of the possible time difference (we live in CET time zone) it could happen that you receive our reply in 5-8 hours delay - but rest assured that everything will be done within the agreed terms and in according to the highest professional standards!
Why are your logo and illustration proposals copy-protected?
Since we are dealing with demanding creative process and sensitive copyrighting issues - we want to protect the proposed logos /illustrations until the moment when it becomes your property.

Of course, when the payment for the project is made in full - you will receive the original files without any copy protection.
What if I decide to give-up the project for which I have already paid the down payment part?
The down payment part serves as your final confirmation of our engagement and it is our guarantee that we could begin working on your project.

If you give-up on the project - for whatever the reason - we will use the down payment part as our "salary" for the time spent working on your project, so we will retain it in full.
I've selected the option: "one (1) proposal we'll be enough". Will I receive just one proposal... with no variations?
In short - you will NOT receive only one version of the logo-solution!

You will receive a couple of different variations of the proposed solution which will closely follow your guidelines.

Of course, the various appropriate color schemes will be presented as well.

If we had a notion (and inspiration), there is a good chance that we will present you a BONUS solution which could differ from your logo-design guidelines. So, you can expect to receive a BONUS logo-proposal even when we are not obligated to do so.

Please note that the bonus solution will not be offered for the most complex logo-solutions and illustrations!
What is the payment process?
The logo design price is calculated automatically according to your input and actual payment process is divided in two parts:

1. The down payment part will be seen as your final confirmation of our engagement (30% - for logo design & illustration and 50% for brand-naming/slogan creating projects);

2. You will pay the rest upon your approval of the final logo/illustration/brand-name. The full payment must be made before we actually send you ready-to-print (final) files or Transfer of Rights statement for the brand-name/slogan/tag-line projects.

The described paying procedure is in accordance to the common payment methods for similar online services.
Why I have to pay 30% in advance for logo-design/illustration project and 50% for the brand-naming / slogan?
As you probably know - the design process is quite complex and the "brainstorming" period requires a lot of research and therefore a lot of time...

When the right idea "comes to the surface" - 80% of our work is done... This process could sometimes last for days... so, the down-payment serves as our compensation for the work "invested" in this most demanding part of any creative process and it is also a guarantee that our ideas would not be crudely exploited by some irresponsible company or individual.

Brand-name or slogan creation project has its unique characteristics - so, unlike any graphical design project, it must have also a larger down-payment part portion.
How can I actually make the payment?
You will receive our invoice in your inbox - with all the necessary payment information.